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The power sliding door on driver&39;s side will only open manually. I have looked at the motor assembly and it appears to be receiving the signals but the motor and clutch type assembly does not engage. The contact owns a Chevrolet Venture. It gets about 2 inches short of closing and stops then reopens. It should be reset now. Locks seem to be jammed. This time neither handle will open the door. Drivers sliding door opened ok, pushed button on remote and door started to close-halfway closed and went back to open position.

If you cannot find the reset steps, go to the numerous 03 chevy venture automatic door will not open manually posts in this forum on auto sliding door, and proceed from there. · chevy venture the power slide door (pass side) wont auto open with switchs can manually open then auto shut at same time the revese 03 chevy venture automatic door will not open manually lights inop and the option feature that looks then doors when shift into gear and unlock when shift into park inop any theorys. hasn&39;t opened electricaly for some time but has opened manually either by inside or outside operator. Pushed button and same thing happened. view details; - hanover, pa - doors, latch the right side door failed to open.

Then perform the relearn procedure below. I am starting to have problems with both rear doors (1 powered and 1 not), the doors will not unlock even manually. I removed the bolts to remove the inside panel but I cant get the door handle off to remove the panel help please.

At one time last year, the door opened while driving down the road. - Ottawa, KS, USA. If it will open with all buttons except for the button on the door, test that button before testing the motor. On my &39;97 with 80k miles on it, did the reset thing, recall once, reset procedure numerous times for about 3 years (at least 1/month), until the control module in the pass side rear inside panel failed and needs to be.

The power motor are conect to this plastic gear and the back side have a support guide into a metalic hole and are broken. I have a Chev Venture van with 89000 miles and a 3. When at an idle it is rather cold, when driving, itgoes hot then cold - back and forth.

· My passengers side door is stuck closed for some odd reason. Even if you turn the power sliding option off and switch it to manual, it will still not open. · The most difficult part of the solution is getting the door open. It would get to the very end, and then the door would reopen. At this time, I can feel a slack cable in the door track on the outside of the van. the dealership says nothing is wrong with it! I have taken it to chevy dealers on different occasions, but was told there was no problem. Please advise any tricks to get it open.

This repair applies to all GM mini vans through the 1990’s and early ’s. The failure has occurred several times since the vehicle was purchased. · Begin by checking the door for normal electrical operation with either the remote or the buttons on the sliding door. Venture, Montana, Lumina and Silhouette. If the issue with the car door is that it will not close due to this issue, then you can. · I press the auto opener from the key fob or manual button inside and everything appears to start working properly, unlocks and dings but then it does not open.

It seems to be a magnet or something that keeps it from shutting, even when I apply force to close it manually. Power lock doesn&39;t operate off either front door switch and doesn&39;t move nutch manually. 1999 Chevy Venture 163000 miles Door: I have a Chevy Venture where the power sliding door will not unlock. There are no noticible noises when trying to open remotely or by switch. Perhaps the damaged part can be fixed, but structural damage almost always calls for some form of replacement.

Disconnect it and then try to close the door manually. Press and hold the power sliding door open/close switch in the overhead console. Even if it looks closed the alert noise when put into gear will go off, It is very loud and. I took it to the dealership and had to pay over 600. Posted on. I have a 1997 Chevy 1500 03 with power windows and door locks.

Chevrolet Venture Door Consumer Complaints Complaint Number:Incident Date: Octo Date Added to File: Ma Description of the Complaint: venture power sliding door would not retract injuring consumer. Will not open by key phob or by swith on pillar. the consumer tried to pull the door 03 chevy venture automatic door will not open manually open manually, but was unable to do so. Door wouldn&39;t close more than 2-3 feet and reversed to fully open position.

When opening the door, the motor kicks in, but the door only travels approximately 6-8" and then freezes. I have tried to push the lock up from the interior but it is hard and will not budge. Continue reading "1999 Chevrolet Venture Van, Door Locks Do Not Work". The dealership says nothing is wrong with it! · Clean the contacts on the leading edge of the door and in the body opening.

This has been a problem since I bought the van new. The passenger side power sliding door on my chevy venture does not close properly. I pull out the panel and I saw that the plastic yoyo that rewind back and foward the cable in back side are broken.

However, the problem seemed to keep getting worse and now the door will not open or close at all except manually with the override switch activated. Hope this helps some other poor slightly inept blue moon mechanic. Inspect the door lock switch plate for the following conditions: Proper door plunger operation Proper alignment of the door plungers to the B-pillar contacts Clean electrical contact from teh door plungers to the B-pillar contacts. · Chevy Venture van w/power sliding doors. Then they will work for no apparent reason. It will not move backward (open) any further manually or otherwise. Also, with the power door turned off, try to manually close it.

look for childrens safety locks around the latches also if is poered make sur all safty locks are unlock on drivers side. The Power Sliding Door has quit working. The drivers inside handle broke.

Chevy Venture automatic door will not close. Rear door on a chevy venture is locked and wont open. A quick test at the switch revealed that there was a wiring problem and knowing these. SOURCE: Automatic door locks / Chevy Suburban. 00 to get that repaired. The door on passenger side works fine.

The right automatic sliding door doesn&39;t always open or shut all the way. The problem was probably caused by attempts to open door with the lock set (which is set automatically if engine running or not in Park). Page 125 Sliding Door Lock 2-1 4 If your vehicle is facing d lard on a steep. If this doesn, t work disconnect the power door motor by removing the access panel where the vehicles&39; jack is located (assuming this is the passenger sliding door. The Chevrolet Uplander has 10 problems reported for power sliding doors are not safe. you need to make sure there isn&39;t air in the coolant system or the blend door actuator is acting up.

Enjoy the videos 03 chevy venture automatic door will not open manually and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The drivers side power door works fine. the power slidinig door on my chevrolet venture is staying shut and is coming open while driving down the road. If it will not open normally with any button, check the fuse first. I have tried both manual and automatic methods to close the door, both with the same results. The power slidinig door on my Chevrolet Venture is staying shut and is coming open while driving down the road. The rt side power sliding door won&39;t close all the way. My wife and I were on our way home from the hardware store, and the door didn&39;t open.

Average repair cost is 0 at 36,150 miles. Now it will not open from the inside (pulling on the rod. This vehicle is equipped with an automatic sliding rear side door. I am in process of fixing it when the door shut.

Remove the power sliding door PSD fuse for 30 seconds. I hear clicking but no movement of locks when they stick. I own a Chevy Venture 1998 and have the power sliding door making a big noise when the vehicule is running. The price to replace the motor, ,500, is more than I am willing to pay, so I disconnected the three cables from the door and use it as a manual open/close door. Drivers side door will not open from inside or outside.

Once the door is open, the latch can be addressed. I had the same problem a few months ago with my Venture power sliding door. This will relearn the open and closed positions of the door. The driver&39;s side power sliding door failed.

· 1999 Venture van power sliding door wont open manually. Your book should give you program options for the door locks If your fob wont work either you got a relay for the door lock bad it is located in the fuse panel push the door lock button and find the one that is clicking. Turn the PSD back on and hit one of the switches to open the door. these repeated attempts or maybe just using the door repeatedly (planned obsolescence). re-install the fuse and manually open & close the door. My 04 Chevy Venture heater doesn&39;t get hot, I replaced the thermostat and it did not help. The door would slide open by itself after manually being opened as it is supposed to do and would close fine as well.

I agree with bmfz06, take some fine sandpaper and rubbing alcohol and clean those brass buttons on the lower front of the door, as well as the plate they touch when closed. It started the second week of june are chevy venture van power sliding door stop working and was in the lock position and could not be unlock either by power or manually. The contact stated that the passenger side sliding door failed to remain closed. I have Venture LS with 3400. On Friday, November 12, I entered the middle row of my son-in-law s new Chevrolet Venture. The power door does not work all of the time when any button is pressed.

Sliding Door Delayed Locking If either sliding door is open when you use the power door locks to lock the vehicle, the sliding door that is open will not lock. See more results. The plastic coating on one of the cables going to the drive motor became worn and jammed in the motor and caused the motor to burn out.

Getting The Car Door Open. · This 1999 Chevrolet Venture van came in with the complaint that the power door locks only work in one direction. I had problems with the inside door handle (outside still worked) cable a while back, but I fixed that problem and it has been working great since then. You&39;ll see the module which controls the power door. · Have a chevy venture with power sliding doors. I have a Chevy venture.

Normally the last door closed locking feature will be used to lock the sliding door after it has been closed. It closed just fine, but the unlock mechanism inside the door didn&39;t always unlock, so the door will "click" when you try to open it, but will not budge because it was still locked.

03 chevy venture automatic door will not open manually

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